Company Introduction

 Goldencrops Corporation, established in January 1987, currently owns 3 factories located in Douliou City, Yunlin County, Taiwan. The main businesses are food raw materials import and export trade, food production, and food OEM/ODM. Processed instant nutritional drinks and instant cereals are our key products. Goldencrops has designed and developed customized formula for years for numerous clients with well-known brands. With various quality certification and professional automated production lines, Goldencrops offers the most wide-ranged cereal processing production in Taiwan. And with different types of packaging systems, such as can/bag/box/handy pack, we can definitely satisfy all requirements of our customers. Goldencrops has been insisting on strict quality control, and keeps pursuing the best in raw material selection, production quality 。
management, and processing equipment and skills. We expect to grow stably and to achieve the goal of becoming a business that succeeds over the long term.

Business Philosophy

 Goldencrops endeavors to develop and produce excellent foods that are both healthy and enjoyable. We aim to meet consumers’ needs of health-balanced diet and tasteful foods, with our expertise technology and strict quality control management. Our service emphasizes on three dimensions: prospective thinking, professionalism, and customer orientation. Prospective thinking:
Goldencrops takes initiative to develop products that is in accordance to the newest laws and also with greater market prospect. We consistently make improvements and innovation on our production process and formulation, and then share our value with our customers.
The R&D team in Goldencrops consists of professionals from various areas, designing specific formulas for different target groups. There are newest machines and decades of food processing experiences in Glodencrops, therefore we deeply understand and are particularly familiar with the characteristics of raw materials, and know how to create best taste and nutrition for our products. Also, with our huge amount of nutrition testing data and supplier database, the cost for food nutritional analysis would be greatly reduced.
Customer orientation:
In Glodencrops, we carefully listen to and observe all kinds of demands of our customers, and design products according to end-users’ needs. Our mission is to make our products closest to what customers truly want in mind. In addition, Goldencrops can assist customers to apply for product certification and to conduct efficacy experiments.

Business Territory

With more than 20 years efforts and inheritance, Goldencrops has established excellent reputation in food industry. We have technology cooperation experiences with numerous large local and international manufacturers. Being thankful, we keep demanding ourselves to grow and improve constantly and to develop more high-value products. We expect for long-term business success and to enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness in food industry. So far ourexporting countries include Japan, United States, Mainland China, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.