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 Creating a healthy work environment Goldencrops hires employees in accordance with relevant government regulations. Based on the equal opportunity principle, we open our positions to the public and select the best person for the job, recruiting the right person despite their race, gender, age, religion, nationality, etc. Child labor, forced labor, or hazardous work is strictly prohibited.
Comprehensive compensation plan Goldencrops makes its salary and benefit plan according to related regulations, in order to ensure harmonious capital-labor relations. Additional accident insurance is provided. We also adjust the compensation depending on manpower supply and demand in the market and economic situation.
Contributing to the community Goldencrops has been sponsoring for activities organized by temples nearby, such as White Horse Temple and Tian Sheng Temple, and would, in cooperation with the government, hold activities related to food or agricultural products.
Caring for the society Goldencrops provides scholarships to college students(Pingtung University, Nanhua University, Chung Hsing University, etc.), makes donations to charity groups (Tzu Chi, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, Tongren Charity Home, Xinyi Children’s Home, etc.), sponsors children in need, gives students from special education the opportunity to visit workplace to help develop their independent working skills.
Sustainable environmental protection Although it cannot be denied that the main purpose for a corporate is to pursue better profits, Goldencrops, in addition to making stable profit growth, would also like to make efforts for environmental balance and to become a conscientious enterprise that contributes to the society.