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Special Recognition

  • Was awarded, again, with D&B Taiwan Top 1000 MVP.
  • Was awarded with D&B Taiwan Top 1000 MVP. Was recognized by Ministry of Education as the role model and excellent enterprise for providing off-campus internship for students with disability.
  • Was awarded with Excellent Exhibitor in Yunlin Agriculture Expo, by Yunlin County Government.
  • Was certified Excellent Enterprise of employing the regulated number of people with disabilities.
  • Was awarded with Outstanding Entrepreneurs, General Chamber of Commerce of R.O.C.
  • Was officially invited to attend China Health Summit on Whole Grain and Cross-Strait Whole Grain Symposium. 
  • Cooperated with Yunlin Farmer’s Association and launched new agricultural products.
  • ChiaBao Food, a subsidiary to Goldencrops and merged to its parent company in 2011, was awarded with Excellent Business Entity for Uniform Invoices in food industry, Taxation Bureau of Taipei.