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No preservative or artificial food colorants. Served for vegan diet. Multigrain products lead us to reach nutritional balance everyday.
§ Goldencrops selects the finest multigrain and retains the complete nutrition of seeds, to better benefit the health. Our products are made from the best-quality oats, rice, or cereals that are roasted, cured, and finally ground into instant grain powder. With absolutely no preservative or artificial food colorants, they are best nutritional supplements and perfect for seniors and vegans. We ensure the excellent quality of our ingredients, and that the genuine taste, color, freshness, and nutrition of grains are completely kept.
§ Production process control: With the finest raw materials, Goldencrops also strictly controls the production process, in order to maintain the flavor and nutrition of the grains and to bring health, safety, and good taste in your everyday life.
§ Our persistence: all products are made in Taiwan, including processing, production, and packaging, to ensure the best quality.