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Infant and Toddler Grain Solid Food/Dietary Supplement for Adults

Purpose: With rice or wheat enzymatic hydrolysis and special curing and drying methods, we make rice/wheat cereal extremely fine for better digestion and absorption. By adding fruits and nutrients babies need at different stage, our products serve as perfect solid food for infants of 4-6 months, supplying extra nutrition other than mother milk and formula milk. Besides, the products can help babies with chewing and physical coordination and benefit their growing. Dietary supplements for seniors are available as well. Since they tend to decline in chewing, swallowing, digesting functions, and get choked easily, we aimed to produce puree food that can be easily digested and absorbed. Taking grains and beans (like rice and wheat) as central ingredients and adding nutrients the seniors particularly need, we developed healthy food that brings satiety, and is quickly cooked, easily digested and absorbed. We can design and develop grain non-staple food in accordance with regulations in exporting countries and China, and assist our customers to obtain organic certification in Taiwan, China, or USDA. Goldencrops is the largest non-staple food processing company that holds the highest market share in Taiwan.
Products: Rice cereal, instant rice and wheat drink
Target: Infants and toddlers, seniors