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Products with Special Nutrition

Purpose: To develop products that serve as tube feeding food, which can satisfy patients’ one day nutritional need to maintain their physical function. The products have to pass clinical trials and be certified as special nutritious food for patients by Ministry of Health and Welfare. Our team develop formulas for partial or total nutrition support for patients with different diseases, such as diabetes and kidney failure. All ingredients, formulation, and production process are strictly observed and checked over and over again. They have also become crucial check points by Ministry of Health and Welfare recently. Our products can be used for children with malnutrition, for those who need nutrition supplement due to chewing malfunction, for long-Term bedridden patients, or for those who are recovering from an illness. All products can be designed for people of different ages. Such products are called formula food for special medical use in Mainland China.
Products: Rice cereal, instant rice and wheat drink
Target: Patients with diabetes, children with malnutrition