Goldencrops has premium raw materials, self-made ingredients for grain and agricultural products, all kinds of grain curing and processing equipment, and great amount of supplier database. Therefore, we believe we can provide our customers with excellent selection of various customized ingredients and design professional customized formulas and products.

Our services and promises are as following:

  • Coldencrops can develop unique products for customers, from supplying ingredients (or customers supplying partial ingredients) to packaging.
  • Goldencrops can pack our current products for our customers.
  • Client-oriented service: We not only keep improving professional technology, but also maintain close contact with our customers and provide assistance with regulation update and certification. We guarantee to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers.

R & D process

Initial conversation about business needs
Discussion of ODM content
Design and make sample products based on customers’ requests
Confirmation of the formulation from customers; pricing from Goldencrops
Product trial
1.Ingredient test 2.Online test
Final product completed and confirmed
Mass production
Product test
After-sales service

ODM Team

Full-functioned ODM procedure:

  • Customers raise their requests and ideas.
  • Goldencrops provides assistance with related regulations or certification. →For example, regarding Halal food, organic food, special nutritional food, food export, regulations of different countries.
  • Goldencrops designs and makes sample products. →For customer testing.
  • Customers reply and confirm product formulation and packaging. →Goldencrops delivers pricing and the contract.
  • Conduct product stability testing.
  • Proof-read the packaging printing.
  • Product trial →Product completed.
  • Mass production →Product acceptance →Shipping

While new products are under development, customers need to be familiar with food related regulations at the targeted country. Goldencrops would be glad to provide relevant consultancy as well.